“This record is generally inspired by the feeling of having lost and found your car keys at the same time,”

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described the artist. “There’s drama, distress and deep, profound contemplation mirrored with relief and relentless joy.”


The album’s final single ‘Walls’ is something of a departure from the quintessential Yotto sound. Eschewing the previous singles’ melancholic undertones, ‘Walls’ features stirring melodic hooks above uplifting major chords – a dose of unadulterated dancefloor joy.

“Walls is a soundtrack to my second favourite hobby, staring at walls. I’m actually very very good at it and I hope it gets accepted to the Olympics soon.”

Yotto is also embarking on his biggest headline tour to date, covering Europe, North and South America, and Australia. More dates for Phase Two of the tour will be announced this fall.



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