Aidan Doherty Recorded Live At Warm Up With Lee Burridge

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Aidan Doherty – London based DJ and founder of Warm Up London.

Founder and resident DJ of London’s beloved subterranean community, Warm Up, Aidan Doherty has established himself as a vanguard of a special pocket of sound and space in London’s underground scene, since the movements conception in 2013.

It is his uncompromising, passionate belief in music’s capacity to affect emotional change, together with total emersion in Warm Up’s own particular narrative, eclectic groove that has earned him an avid, loyal following and recognition as one of London’s most respected, sought after names.

From a potent list of warm up sets for the likes of Max Cooper, Stephan Bodzin, Christian Löffler, Joris Voorn and Kollectiv Turmstrasse, to his signature extended closing sets at ‘Warm Up In The Woods’ outdoor summer events, expect above all, transition. A journey.

It is there that you will begin to get quietly subsumed by a dynamic range of deep, melodic techno and electronica coupled with the unique painterly style that flows and bristles through his sets.

For him, community means everything, community is after all, about identifying the people around you with whom you can create a common, passionate cause. It’s about ignoring the conventional wisdom of bland, sometime politics and playing the game by a different set of rules. You have DJ’s who play music, and you have DJ’s who tell stories, be a storey teller.

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