Matt Lange – Rift (Andrew Bayer Remix)- mellow, with a beat

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True artistry is never knowing the boundaries of creation. As a musician, producer, DJ, and composer, Los Angeles-based Matt Lange has defied categorization throughout his career; equipped with an instinctual ear for music creation and an insatiable drive to explore the aural spectrum.

As a young Manhattan native, Matt Lange found his passion for music early on. At four years of age, he learned piano; at six, joined a choir; and as a teen, stomped off on his own path with a guitar and the help of a metal band. Exposed to the ineffable sounds of Aphex Twin and Nine Inch Nails, at 15, he cracked into the world of music production. Fascinated with the endless possibilities, he eventually took to Boston’s esteemed Berklee College of Music to refine his talents under a composition-based music production and sound design major.

An adept producer from the start, the beginning of Lange’s journey breaking into electronic music was no small feat. Working alongside multi-instrumentalist and producer BT, Matt Lange received his first credit co-producing the album These Hopeful Machines, earning him a Grammy Award-nomination in 2011. Starting large challenged Matt to diligently build out a robust and impressive music skill set. In the following years, he left few corners of entertainment and music intersections untouched. Matt went on to produce American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis’ Portrait Of A Chameleon album, Tania Zygar’s debut album Now Or Never, and Glenn Morrison’s “Goodbye,” which was nominated as the Juno Awards’ Dance Recording of the Year and later hit double platinum. He left his mark on the video game realm, composing soundtracks for Counterstrike: GO and DOTA II and also scored the 2014 Fox feature film ETXR. All the meanwhile, Matt simultaneously stepped out on his own as a solo artist, exploring his own curiosities in the world of house and trance, eventually signing to the celebrated label Anjunadeep for five years.

It wasn’t long until his musings led him to create a techno track that would get him noticed by one of the most difficult critics of the genre: Deadmau5. In 2015, he released his debut album Ephemera on mau5trap Recordings, rightfully helping to champion the influential label’s directional shift towards darker, techno, and underground-tipped sounds. His follow-up album Patchwork arrived in 2016, defying the unwritten rules of the digital age by diving even deeper into modular synth roots under a modern electronic translation, putting his raw, textured sound on a tier untouched by other producers in his realm.

Matt Lange is a staple of mau5trap’s impressive “next-gen” roster and continues to transform dance floors into hedonistic, aural experiences with his performances across esteemed venues like Output, Sound Nightclub, Ministry of Sound, Coda, Kingdom and at events including Insomniac’s Factory 93, TomorrowWorld, SXSW, Mixmag’s Lab, and more.

In 2011, Matt Lange founded his own label isoRhythm, a passion project from top to bottom; and also a living, breathing and forward-thinking example of an accumulation of a lifetime spent within every corner of music creation that is Matt Lange. isoRhythm houses his live and rock-leaning outputs that expose a raw, emotional, and imperfectly perfect side of Lange’s music works. isoRhythm’s discography is a testament not only to his diversity as an artist, but also his relentless production ability: There She Goes + Falling Into Place (2014), Unsettled (2016), Punish Me (2017), and a forthcoming EP Bleed Together, set to release in December 2017.

Matt Lange remains a fanatic music aficionado at heart, proving so as the host of his podcast Tap Tempo, which features insightful interviews with peers and collaborators ranging from A-list composers to DJs and includes artists from all backgrounds. The interviews are uniquely intimate – set up casually and comfortably, over a beer… or two. Find Tap Tempo on iTunes.



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