Gabriel & Dresden feat. Jan Burton – Waiting For Winter

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11 years after the release of the eponymous debut album Gabriel & Dresden, Josh & Dave have returned with their much anticipated follow up full length record, The Only Road. “Much anticipated” is a phrase that’s thrown around quite a lot in the music industry, but in the case of The Only Road we happen to know this as fact…it truly is a record the fans have been clamoring for. How do we know? At a crossroads in their career, Gabriel & Dresden decided to set up a Kickstarter Campaign for their fans to help them greenlight a new album. Originally asking for $30,000 dollars to meet their goal, Gabriel & Dresden ended up with nearly three times the pledge amount (over $73,000 dollars) from 700 backers. A much anticipated album indeed and Gabriel & Dresden have not missed a beat, delivering on their classic recipe of emotive dance music through an 12-track journey.

“What makes The Only Road special is that it was fan-supported and fan-inspired. We didn’t just make this record for us, we made it for all of the people that had faith in our music. For us, it isn’t just an album — it’s our soundtrack of the past 11 years — the beautiful, the ugly, the melancholy and the hopeful. It’s something we’re proud to share because it represents who we are and the long road we traveled to get here, or should we say…the only road.”

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