Robert Parker – ’85 Again (feat. Miss K)

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Robert Parker is a Swedish electronic musician from Stockholm, known for his synthwave works.[1][2]

Making tracker music during the 1990s, he started making retro music in 2009 after buying a Korg Polysix analog synthesizer, and uses a variety of hardware synthesizers in his music like the Roland Juno 106 and the Moog Minimoog.[3]

His style takes elements from 1980s music and movies, as well as from French house and disco. In 2013 he released his debut album Drive. Sweat. Play followed by the EP Modern Moves on Future City Records. In 2015 he released the EP Cardinal and the album Money Talks.[4] In 2016 he released the vinyl Crystal City on NewRetroWave Records collaborating with Maethelvin from the Valerie collective[5] In 2017 He released the EP “Awakening” on Lazerdisc records, also appearing on the Lakeshore Records compilation “Rise Of The Synths”,[6] and in 2018 soundtrack to the motion picture “Videoman”, also released on Lakeshore Records.[7]

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