Parker & Hanson – Alquimia (Andrew Bayer Remix)

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SB Parker, born in January of 1980 Flatbush, Brooklyn and Alvin J. Hanson, born in May of 1979 the South Bronx, New York are the real deal. They are men of the streets, intimately familiar with its codes and its violence, but still, Parker and Hanson are incredibly intelligent and deliberate men.

Both men were born into the notorious New York drug dynasty during the early ’80s. Parker & Hanson both lost those closest to them at an early age. They were raised without mothers and fathers, as both their parents were found dead in different situations under mysterious circumstances before they could hit their teens. Parker & Hanson met on a cold November morning in 1993 at Leake and Watts Orphan House in New York City.

The orphaned youths had to learn the hard facts of life at an early age. Through good times and bad times Parker & Hanson stuck together and became their own small family at the Orphan House. Unfortunately, both orphaned youths got caught up in peer pressure and the harsh urban street life of NYC. Their lives needed a miracle to live beyond 23 years old.

Finally, these two young men received their miracle. Music was the answer for their survival. They began to work on the hip-hop scene in New York City and Philadelphia, dj-ing at local clubs and university parties making a good living.

In July of 1998, Hanson was stabbed 3 times, including a cut to the back, in a nightclub in the Bronx, New York. Hanson spent the next few months in recovery while Parker continued to DJ and take care of his “older brother” Hanson. While recovering, Hanson suggested to Parker that they should move to Philadelphia and set up their own production company. On Parker’s 19th birthday, Parker & Hanson decided to go for it and move to Philadelphia and set up their very own productions company, called Home Run Productions.

Inspired by their true-life hardship, it’s clear that Parker & Hanson has exactly what it takes to do real things from the heart. Parker & Hanson are a duo whose chemistry allows the uninhibited exploration of the sounds, emotions, impulses of self and society.

It is a rare and significant occasion when an artist captures and expresses the sentiments of a generation and then expands its horizons. Parker & Hanson make an impact on our culture, thus creating a union between music and life. Parker & Hanson are undoubtedly among this very select group. The roots of their talent coming from the streets of New York and Philadelphia stemming from rap and hip-hop but reaching way beyond those parameters. Parker & Hanson have torn down the barricades that continue to segregate music and society. As a pair of pioneering producers and DJs phenomenon, Parker & Hanson have become one of today’s most extraordinary, honest and unforgettable cult talents.

Through their music, Parker & Hanson have allowed different genres be it hip-hop, pop, soul, rap, trance, house or reggae to integrate, and in the process, have given birth to unique, super quality dance music. Parker & Hanson’s, “Let me be”, can be heard smashing up the dance floors worldwide.

Why Parker & Hanson can’t stand the dance music out today? Hanson replies, “Its all a F**king joke man! The quality of most productions out now are so F**ked up, I really can’t imagine some of these so-called DJ/Producers wasting their time and lives by locking themselves up in the studio to write a song and at the end of it all, the result is a big F**king F. They fail themselves and society by releasing shit music because they are so focus on making hits and not quality productions”.

Parker – “Today, many DJ/Producers make music for the sole purpose of making hits or should I say, making money. As a result, the quality is left outside the studio door. Now we will show them how to make quality dance music with passion and love for dance music. We are hip-hop DJs, but we understand music and we will put back the quality and fun into dance music”.

Hanson – “dance music and even hip-hop used to be a young man’s game, back in the day. Inexperienced newcomers who stumbled into a studio with a big head full of ideas made a lot of noise, and also sold many records. Parker & Hanson are who we are and music is what we do and it comes straight from our hearts. People’s energies are made of their souls and we produce music with our souls and feed these energies and real vibrations to the people. Energy cannot be destroyed and music will never die. This is why we decided now to show the whole dance society how it’s done to make high quality dance music with balls”.

” Let me be ” is the 1st dance release from Parker & Hanson on Maelstrom Records UK. LMB get straight to the point, why we decided to make dance music for real,” says Parker, “There’s an entire dimension to music and life that we will touch on with our music, but this is only the beginning.”

More so than any other think in their lives, Parker & Hanson were motivated to make music because it was the only way they could survive. Their love and appreciation for all types of music is the driving force to their decisions and actions taken to stare their lives today. That’s why, despite being parentless and homeless as teenagers, without a solid family support, their dedication and hard work made Parker & Hanson disciples of music.

Industry insiders and the underground media largely credit Parker & Hanson with the return of excitement to the world of dance music.

Patience is definitely a virtue and it will be a deep experience making these new songs with love for everyone to enjoy. LMB is just the beginning. We will both continue to challenge ourselves to put together music that goes beyond anything we’ve ever done before”. Stay tune for our bomb sounds coming at you soon! Peace and Love, Parker & Hanson.

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