Jeremy Olander Vs Kamaliza – Zanzibar (Sthlm Edit) [Vivrant]

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Jeremy Olander, is a Swedish DJ and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He was born in Fairfax, Virginia, United States and relocated to Stockholm, Sweden at an early age. Wikipedia

Kamaliza pairs emotional single ‘Zanzibar’ with whimsical robot narrative.

When it comes to artistry, one thing truly under appreciated are the visual components that pair directly with the sonic medium. Whether it be through the form of album art, the music video, artist branding, logos, etc, these components are often essential to a comprehensive consumption of the music. This is something that artist Kamaliza has truly taken to the next level. The Sydney-based has just recently dived into the music world full-time is already doing a solid job of executing his art. The singer/producer broke through with a minimalist house and indietronic hybrid track “Zermat”, with hazy vocals and catchy percussion to reel listeners in. A couple months back, the artist had unveiled the music video to “Zermat“, depicting futuristic and surreal landscapes from impressive CGI iterations. 

Today EARMILK premieres a poignant work from the artist titled “Zanzibar”, alongside a truly unlikely yet effective visual pairing. The track embraces unorthodox drum work that go back and forth between tribal and futuristic. Kamaliza’s soothing vocals fill the atmosphere with a serenity that pillows listeners with a honest sense of comfort and warmth. The uplifting sound is extremely hypnotic. It’s unique sound design will set listeners into a languid and self-reflective state, especially with it’s contrasting usage of retro and innovative sound. The music video for “Zanzibar” acts as an extension to “Zermat”, continuing the narrative of the robot featured previously. Intricate details in the landscape of the robot’s world make for a truly captivating watch.

Additionally, Kamaliza’s emotionally driven lyrics only add a more rawer and human feel to the ironically synthetic nature of the video. When reflecting on the inspiration of the track, Kamaliza states,

The song is about taking the next step in the direction you feel you were destined for, even if that means saying goodbye to those that you care about. I believe there are unknown forces that guide us; in this tangible world of science and fact, it’s the unknown that I’m learning to trust…I’ve come to realize that although fear is a necessary, evolutionary response, if you let it get in the way of your focus it can cripple you. However, when a healthy amount of fear sits parallel with passion and reverence for your chosen field, it’s a winning combination. ‘Zanzibar’ aims to capture that feeling”

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