Antic – Can Believe (Nils Hoffmann Remix) [Ton Topferei]

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‘Up next on Ben Bohmer’s Ton Topferei is London based producer Antic. His debut “Can Believe” features its namesake and the complementary opus “Get Through This”…’

Antic’s music is not easily pigeonholed and his main focus is creating music that conveys a depth and range of human emotion. Music that allows the listener to develop and change their perception over time. He layers this with his own vocals.
Antic’s fascination with music started from when he was a young child, listening to the music of his parents. Both parents had quite different tastes that provided him with a broad spectrum of musical influence ranging from Diana Ross and Led Zeplin to Kraftwork and Debussy. He was introduced to the piano at age 7, starting with classical and then moving to jazz. He also did a lot of singing when young. This love of classical, jazz and soul has always been a fundamental influence but it was through the discovery of electronic music in his teens that he could find a way of utilizing these influences but create something new. Initially drum and bass artists like Photek and then electronica pioneers like Aphex twin and Boards of Canada provided the inspiration. Then a little later came house and techno. The electronic/indie crossover area has always been a big influence. His favorite music is that which reminds you of something that you cannot place. 

Antic is Dom’s third project and seemingly the most accomplished. He has worked extensively with Anjunadeep in the past under a different pseudonym. However, he now feels that he is writing the music that he truly loves and with a load of new music ready to be launched, it is going to be an exciting 2018 for Antic.

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