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A renowned showcase of fresh talent from the global electronic scene, Anjunadeep’s Explorations series returns this April with ‘Explorations 09’. This time around we welcome seven new artists for their full label debuts in Magdalena, Lily AZ, Tom Peters,  BAILE, Jozef K, Boxer, and Ronfoller.

First up, collaborative track between Magdalena, Lily Az, and Tom Peters ‘I Think About You All The Time’ blends pulsating synths with deep sub swells.

BAILE, real name Reed Kackley, first appeared on Anjunadeep 10 with ‘Soft Light’. His beautiful follow-up ‘Bind’ reaffirms the Brooklyn-based producer’s propensity for rich, textural dance music and asserts him as one to watch in 2019.

Manchester native Jozef K marks his Anjunadeep debut with his delicate ‘Inward Spiral’ – an airy arrangement of synths and pads set on a backdrop of stuttered claps and organic percussion.

UK producer Boxer signals his first label showing with ‘Blue Planet’, an 8-minute epic of expansive builds and lush chord progressions.

Closing out Explorations 09 is debutant Ronfoller. Hailing from Azerbaijan, Ronfoller showcases his distinct sound in ‘Along’, blending a memorable riff with a backdrop of textural steel drums and driving percussion.

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