Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Zone

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The Manhattan Transfer is a jazz vocal group founded in 1969 that has explored a cappella, vocalese, swing, standards, Brazilian jazz, rhythm and blues, and pop music. There have been two editions of the Manhattan Transfer, with Tim Hauser the only person to be part of both. Wikipedia

Twilight Zone / Twilight

The Manhattan Transfer

With a key, you unlock a door to imagination
Beyond it is another dimension
A dimension of sight
A dimension of sound
A dimension of mind

You’re moving through a land of both shadow and substance
Of things and ideas
Guiding you through this wondrous journey
Is the hypnotic sound of the twilight tone

When I hear this melody
This strange illusion takes over me
Through a tunnel of the mind
Perhaps a present or future time, oh oh

Out of nowhere comes this sound
This melody that keeps spinning ’round and ’round
Pyramidal locomotion
From a mystic unknown zone

Hearin’ the twilight
Hearin’ the twilight, twilight tone

Unpretentious girl from Memphis
Saw the future through her third eye
People came with skepticism
Picking, testing her precision, no, wo, oh, oh


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