III The Empress – Toth

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Key Words: Venus; beauty; love; motherliness; femininity; wisdom; connection between spirit and matter; inner and outer wealth.

The Empress

The Empress embodies and commands the feminine in all its forms. Her form and surroundings are marked by beauty and wholeness. You
feel a sense of well-being in her presence, taking part in the harmony of her being. He r beauty is not restricted only to the externally visible.
Her femininity is fully evolved on all levels of her being, given her a special radiance. She is mother and lover, ruler and seer at the same time. Her strength rests in the unifying of the highest spiritual values
in their fully perceivable forms, with the lowest material qualities.

The essential characteristics of her dominion are love in its giving and its receptive aspects (white and red), creativity and fruitfulness (green), understanding and wisdom (blue). He r right hand holds the phallus-like stem of the lotus which unfolds its petals in front of her heart chakra. Her left hand is open receptively. The creativity of male procreative power unifies itself with femal surrender. After she has integrated the male aspects of herself, a woman will be internally and externally in harmony.

The pink-white pelican which feeds its brood with its own blood signifies unconditional mother-love, nourishing the young with its whole being. The Empress also represents the Great Mother, Mother Earth, who gives birth to and nourishes all living beings.

The double-headed white eagle on the shield (corresponding with the red eagle of The Emperor) symbolizes the transformation which arises through the unification of the diverse aspects of your being.
Moon and Earth are united and surrounded by a magnetic energy field. When the emotional depths of the unconscious (Moon) manifest visibly (Earth), they become available for consciousness to use (blue flames to the right and left). When the powers from within are integrated, you will radiate wholeness and completeness which attracts other people
magnetically because it gives them a feeling of security and protection to be in your presence. The union of Moon and Earth appears once again on the crown. The Maltese Cross emphasizes the significance of the union between spiritual and material.

Her face is turned toward the dove, she is oriented toward the future. In her wisdom, she has turned from the past, the sparrow.

The opening in the arch behind her can be seen as a gateway to heaven. This beautiful physical form merely hints at something more beautiful, much greater, which is hidden in it. Hermann Hesse described »every phenomenon on earth as an image, saying that all images are open gates through which the soul can enter the inner world when it is ready. Here you and I and everything else are all one. Every person
comes to such an open gate at some time in life, but few go through the gate or give up the pretty illusions on this side for what we may sense lies within the reality of the inner. «*

Indications: The beauty you see in others which attracts you to them is a beauty you carry within yourself. You are in the process of unfolding and evolving your femininity. This may be the right time to work through and clarify unresolved mother-conflicts.

Question: In your life is there a beautiful, strong woman from whom you would like to learn?

Suggestion: Visualize your ideal woman! Write down her most important qualities. Try to find these in others and yourself. Surround yourself with beauty and abundance.

Affirmation: I am filled with power and beauty.


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