The queen is angry; the village fears – the plot

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The queen is angry; the village fears
Nine of Pentacles

The threat is real. The queen often retaliates by confiscating homes and property, pets and children too. The queen can punish anyone for the slightest transgression, real or imagined and always does.

Two of Swords

The strain is palpable, and it is escalating. The queen is throwing a tantrum, spinning and screaming out of control. She wants to launch an attack on her brother’s village simply out of malicious cruelty and blind revenge.  She wants payback; she wants heads.

Queen of Swords

The queen is a mean heartless queen. You better fear when she wants heads and today, she wants many heads. The last time the queen was this angry and asked for heads, while signing the decree she said, “add twenty more heads; not enough.”

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