The Page saves the day – the plot

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Two of Swords

The turmoil continues with strife and confusion. What is just and what is fair? What can be salvaged? One can’t let things go to waste. There are needs in the village. What ought the Pages do? Should they follow the queens mandate or find something else to do. They must exercise their best judgment and working as a team find the best solution for all involved.  The Pages ponder their options and review what has worked in the past. The queen is despondent this morning and difficult to reach.

Page of Wands

The Page stands and getting the others attention tells them, “I know where we can find a gift worthy of the queen’s attention, and that will make the queen happy”. He continues telling them about a part of the forest he enjoys because it is immersed in mist. He tells them about when he climbed the big tree to get above the canopy, “and there I saw it” he said.  Who would have known the answer was in the nearby forest. An orchid. With joy, enthusiasm and their personal familiarity, the Pages brought the flower to the queen. The orchids uniqueness and the queens desire to possess the beautiful flower would distract the her long enough to forget last night’s nightmare.

Seven of Swords

By that evening the queen was fascinated, mesmerized and enchanted with her beautiful flower and the villager’s demonstration of affection towards her. The whole village participated in a parade to honor the queen and her magnificent orchid. They were dressed in colored tunics and chanting celebrated her name while waving ribbons and shaking tambourines. The festivities included a farmer’s market and an afternoon play. It attracted people from other villages as well. The queen was so pleased with her orchid and subjects she instituted the villager’s orchid day. From now on she would ask for orchids instead of heads.  

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