Train Jaune, Pont Séjourné (1908) – Bertrand DAUDE

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Train Jaune, Pont Séjourné (1908)
Train Jaune, Pont Séjourné (1908)
Bertrand DAUDE


  1. Good morning Eugenio, or afternoon for you I guess! Odd question here perhaps, are you from France? I’m trying to find out what country all my blogging friends are from. Thanks.

      1. I’ve been to Missoula. lovely geography and dramatic weather. Here we get the pineapple express. We get warm winds from Hawaii so it may be cold, but the wind is warm.

      2. yes, it is. I moved from Texas and I like it here, but miss the big Sun. Steve take a look at the fib post. It is very simple. I would like to work with you on something. Keep me in mind and when you see where we might be a good fit, let me know. I don’t write long because I can’t.

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