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Key Words: Gemini; love, attraction, approaching, connection, union of opposites through Love; becoming conscious through relationship.


The card shows the marriage of the Emperor and Empress. The ceremony is performed by the Hermit, one of the forms of the god Mercury. He is completely hidden by his robes to symbolize that the origin of all things lies beyond the reach of the manifest and the intellect. The lovers represent two opposites which yearn for and are attracted to one another. This duality which is reflected in every aspect of existence, is existentially experienced in the relations between man and woman. Every attempt at approach, union, connection, is an expression of the passionate urge to re-establish this lost Oneness. Every individual, every man and every woman, contains the duality of male and female. These express themselves in different, often contradictory, personal characteristics.

Psychologists have recognized for a long time that each partner in a
relationship mirrors the mental and spiritual condition of the other.
Usually your partner mirrors aspects that are undeveloped and un-animated in yourself. What you feel you are missing in yourself you
see in the other. This is an opportunity to have vitally important
experiences on the way toward awareness. The lesson can’t be grasped
theoretically, through intellectual examination, or by wallowing in sentiment. It demands direct, existential experiencing. It requires letting
yourself in for all dimensions of joy, ecstasy, mutual enrichment, as well as the pain, struggle and annihilation necessary for growth.

A relationship that is vital and alive allows those involved to experience
all dualities, all opposites; with love comes jealousy, with harmony
comes disharmony, with unity comes separation, with the excitement
of becoming acquainted comes the sobering sense of estrangement.
If studying in this »school of life« can be said to have a goal, it is to become whole, total individuals.

Only when you can find your oneness and inner harmony will you approach that goal of total self unfolding. The bliss we all vainly seek outside ourselves is only to be found and developed in ourselves. Every disturbance that stirs us, every discontentment which simply leads us on to greater discontentment, acts to derail us on our search for real stillness and inner peace. This is the reason spiritual masters repeatedly say that an intelligent person quickly comes to the understanding that no relationship can be really satisfying, love leads us to an even greater understanding, but we cannot just be that love.

Back now to the symbols of the card. All symbols are presented in
pairs, in readiness to meet the opposite. The transformation occurs in
the union of the wedding. This is represented by the winged Orphic
egg and the snake coiled around it. The children hold in their hands
the symbols of the different planes to be affected by the transformation;
body (club), intellect (spear), emotions (cup), and spirit (flowers). The
lances which build a border in the background represent the conflict
between limitation and freedom, connection and independence, components of every relationship.

There are three other symbols from the zodiac to be seen; Leo,
Scorpio, Sagittarius, the lion (Leo) represents the male principle in
nature, and indicates the creativity which may grow out of the union.
The white eagle represents Scorpio, the scorpion in its transformed
state. It mirrors the feminine component, the surrender to one’s own
emotional depths. Cupid, as Sagittarius, shows the need for direct,
honest interchange.

Indications: Drawing this card may indicate a wonderful and exciting love relationship. Current relationships either deepen or end. New methods for personal growth and integration of your own opposing aspects present themselves as you turn toward and interact with a partner or group.

Questions: What do you seek in the people you love? What comprises a fulfilling relationship for you?

Suggestion: Play Tarot with your partner. Use the cards to learn more about your relationship.

Affirmation: I am now ready to meet the partner I have always longed to meet.

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