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The queen’s transformation
Page of Cups

There is concern the queen will tire of orchids or that there won’t be enough when she asks for them. The farm is getting on its way, but they know there wouldn’t be enough orchids to please the queen if she where to fall into one of her darker moods again. They have a few orchids on hand, but they are running low. They want to put their talents and creativity in action to find a way to keep the queen happy and occupied with something they can create at will. They are worried. All of them are cordial and grateful to live in the castle, but sometimes her abuse is hard to take. It’s not only her temper and language or that she never says thank you. She doesn’t know who she is talking to. If they can keep her happy and occupied with something specific, then life will be easier for all, and everyone can go and do their part.

Eight of Cups

The pages like the queen as best they can, and serve her with cheer but they also know they must look after the villagers. The villagers believe that by working to please the queen things will be good for them. In the castle they know she doesn’t care about anyone. She doesn’t even know who, is who. She only cares about herself.

They don’t want to leave their homes. Their families have been here for a long time. From before the queen. They want to please their sovereign, they want to be good subjects, but they must stick together as a village. They know what life is like. The queen doesn’t. They can’t only please the queen. They must look after their families, friends and neighbors, and the forest. It can’t be for the queen to destroy the misty forest and the big tree simply to harvest orchids at will. It’s mother earth.

Ace of Wands

What can they do? The pages need to pool their knowledge. How is this remedied? What has worked in the past? What makes the queen happy?  Find out what makes her happy and make it ten times bigger. How can they make the queen feel ten times more glorious? The pages need to create the illusion with objects they can fashion themselves. They need to use goods the villagers can make with their talents. With items they can trade for with larger towns if they don’t have them. Together with ingenuity and enthusiasm, with chants and cheers, with paper, paste, twigs and branches, with fabric, bells and ribbons, they made her an enormous vibrantly colored orchid throne.  The queen enters the room dressed in a thinly trimmed gown perfectly complemented by the yellow, orange and red petals of the majestic paper flower. The petals spread and open to invite her to the center of the flower and take her place as its queen. As she slowly sits on the throne her transformation is complete. She is now the orchid queen.  

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