Orquídea and the flower shop – the plot

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She is tempted to scream. All she hears is Orquídea this, Orquídea that. She’s been working hard to keep her temper in check. Her supervisor told her this morning when she arrived at work. “If you don’t get your temper under control, you will be out of a job by tonight. We are a flower shop. We bring joy to people’s homes and offices. It is important that you not only smile but remember the customers names.” Orquídea likes working at the flower shop but lately she has been in a foul mood. She’s been having nightmares about a giant flower devouring her. She has been on a cleansing diet. She was told by her best friend to drink peach and yogurt smoothies with a dash of seaweed for some punch, for a week. The effort seems to be paying off as far as her looks, but she doesn’t like her mood.

Orquídea appreciates her boss’s flexibility.   Orquídea has her own way of working and she creates exceptional arrangements, thanks to her boss’s open attitude. She has been making her own arrangements with tropical flowers like heliconia’s, birds of paradise and orchids since she was a young girl. Her floral sculptures are well liked. They are dramatic. A large law firm formally committed to their services for six months. They like her work because it is showy and bright, and she uses colors that complement the firms redecorating pallet. Hers are floral statements of affluence, grandeur and good taste.  

The law firm is one of the largest and most influential in town.  The flower shop would be supplying flowers for five floors of office space. It would be about five large arrangements, and ten small ones for the partners offices. Orquídea is very happy with the contract. She feels it was her work that got them the job. Maybe in time she will be able to go it alone. Have her own flower shop. She looks around at the law firm’s offices and realizes she can make friends here and get advice. She doesn’t want to get swindled by someone smarter than her. She has learned you can’t always be nice, because then those that aren’t, will take advantage of you.

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