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Key Words: congealed; end of a situation or relationship which is stuck; letting go, giving up, surrendering; learning to see in a new way; the necessity of breaking through old behavior patterns.


The Hanged Man is nailed upside-down, a position in which the personal will is broken. The situation is at a stalemate: there is no more room to move. Escape of any kind has become impossible. The serpents of transformation and wisdom lay coiled and sleeping.
The Hanged Man is nailed to the wood of his petrified attitudes and viewpoints. His eyes are closed: he is blind to all which does not fit into the closed system of his concepts. Every new idea, every new impulse, is ignored or resisted. His head is shaved. The hair, symbol of spiritual perception, is removed. The Hanged Man has even lost trust in his own intuition. All his efforts seem unpromising and doomed to failure.
However, even in the midst of this hopelessness, wonders can occur!
The point has come at which you can no longer avoid seeing naked
realities. There is nothing left but to face up to them and let go. This
form of capitulation, the giving up of willfulness and frozen ideologies
leads to far-reaching transformation; breaking through rigid behavior
patterns, clearing away old rubbish, full surrender to the higher Self,
freedom from narrow-mindedness and dogma. One who bows willingly
to the cosmic order of the Universe is able to become one with the
flow of the Tao. »Not my will, but Thy Will be done; for Thy Will is also mine.« The great reward for the deep surrender to the Whole is a one hundred eighty degree turn. The world can be seen from a new perspective!

Indications: It is now possible for you to recognize where you are stuck
and which areas of your life are congealed rather than flowing. There
is nothing to do. The mere act of perceiving your reality clearly makes
transformation possible.

Questions: In what areas of your life are you stuck? Are you ready to
recognize and let go of your petrified thought and behavior patterns?
Suggestion: Draw another card for that which awaits you when you

Affirmation: I let go and realize, follow and accept the will of the divine
in my life which reveals itself to me step by step.

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