XIV ART – Toth

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Key Words: Sagittarius; unification of opposites, balance; inner change, transformation, alchemy, a quantum leap; creative power.


The alchemical union of fire and water portrayed above the head of the Fool, has now moved to the center of the picture. The whole card is characterized by symbols of integration, the unification of opposites.
The binding together of fire and water, light and dark, male and female, death and rebirth, is an internal process. The melting of contradictions is a major step toward oneness. The opposing forces transform themselves into a new state of being. The marriage of Emperor and
Empress shown on the card The Lovers, reaches now its fulfillment.
This is the highest art of transformation.

The bringing together of opposites is a preparation for generating
something new. The large sun and the moons crossing it give birth to
the stars in the background.
The dress is the color of creativity – green. The Latin sentence
inscribed on the sun translates to »Examine the inner realms of the
Earth; by cleansing you will find the hidden stone.« This has many
meanings on different levels (as do many of the images and symbols
in this Tarot), but the most useful is seen in the context of the green
dress (creativity) und suggests the necessity of bringing creative forces
into contact with earth energy.
The lion and eagle, assistants in the alchemical process, have already
completed their transformation. We saw them first on the card called
The Lovers. They have grown in size and significance. The lion, representative of the element fire has taken on the color of water. The
eagle, a higher form of the scorpion, and a representative of the element
water, has taken on the color of fire. This image of balance, inversion
and integration is repeated on the golden alchemical urn; the raven on
the skull is a symbol of death and rebirth. The dark-skinned king now
has a light-skinned face, and the light-skinned queen now has a darkskinned face. The face of the queen, on the left, looks to the hand at
the right, while the face on the right concentrates on the hand to the
left. Water and fire pour into the urn. The fire consumes the water
and the water extinguishes the fire.
The steam, energy of the new, rises. The arrow (in the center of the
body) re-emphasizes this. The steam forms two rainbows, symbols of
wholeness, which surrounds the shoulders of the androgynous figure.
The eight circles on the chest (two are covered) symbolize symmetry
and balance. The honeybees (on the Queen’s robe on the card The
Lovers) and the snakes (on the King’s) have intermingled. The bees
stand for art, perception and integration.

Indication: The card Art is a challenge to look inward. In this phase of
integrating opposites, the transformation process will not tolerate any
further impulses or pushes from outside. To find the hidden stone, the
diamond, you must look within.

Question: What does it mean now for you to find your »hidden diamonds?
Suggestion: Close your eyes and visualize a fountain of energy in your
body. Bathe a while in this rejuvenating current.

Affirmation: I surrender to the transforming powers of the divine. I am
an open channel for creative energy.

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