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Key Words: Capricorn; procreative energy, new vitality; humor; sensuality;
sexuality; creative energy; individuality.


The Devil is another of the cards which are most often misunderstood. To understand this card you have to free yourself of all popular moral and superstitious ideas.

The Devil is represented by the god Pan, in the form of a white mountain-goat with powerful twisted horns. The column behind him symbolizes the erect penis, the two globes below symbolize the testicles. This is a representation of creative energy in its most material and male aspect.

In the globes, like sperm cells, are four female and four male bodies,
which are bringers of the new. The tremendous powers of generation
are also symbolized by the staff with a winged globe and two snakes,
the snakes of Horus and Osiris.
The phallic column reaches the upper edge of the painting. It reaches
through the heavens, symbolized by the ring of the body of the star-
goddess Nuith. The column also reaches downward deep into the center
of the earth.
This connecting of earth’s center and the cosmos is a wonderful
image of creative union. This anchoring deep in the earth permits the
dark brown earth energy to rise in order to melt with the golden yellow
cosmic energy from above. This melting together of cosmic and earth
energy inspires you in creative directions and makes you capable of
manifesting this inspiration.
On Pan’s forehead we see his open third eye. This indicates his
extensive abilities in the realm of extra-sensory perception. He is a seer
who can see not only the obvious, but also the deeper essence of what
he observes.
His expression is one of very humorous satisfaction. All people who
see the essence of the world can be recognized by their marked sense
of humor (e.g., Castaneda’s Don Juan). Only ignorant people are
deadly serious, and are fully identified with their thoughts and actions.
This imprisonment in the animal-material is the essence of our common
conception of the devil. But Pan grins over people and their projections,
with which they »demonize« him. In his wisdom he sees that, in
fact, every desire, every imprisonment, all-possessiveness leads only to
frustration and suffering. Human beings will only arrive at this insight
through repeated direct experience. The more you learn to see or
become aware, the more you can truly enjoy. When you are freed from
all moralistic limitations you will surrender with utter sensuality to the
enjoyment of the earth, discovering the ecstasy in every manifestation,
tasting the divine in everything. You will enjoy and continue on, without

Indications: There may be people who »demonize« you, make you out
to be the devil. Meet them with humor and lightness. Accept what Life
gives you. Keep your feet on the ground!

Question: Do you have some wish or desire you don’t admit to?
Suggestions: Sit down comfortably to meditate. Pay attention to your
breathing. Imagine that with every out-breath a root grows from the base
of your spine deep into the center of the Earth; it will happen quickly.
Now feel that with every in-breath Earth energy flows into you. It fills
your entire body. Then let your awareness go to the crown of your head.
Open yourself for the yellow-gold cosmic energy. Feel it mix with the
Earth energy and fill your body.

Affirmation: I am the master of my life.

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