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Key Words: Mars; far-reaching inner transformation; healing; the old is destroyed to make room for the new; spiritual renewal; self-knowledge.


The power of the consuming, purifying fire destroys the old and sweeps it away. Nothing is spared; the tower of the ego will be shaken to its very foundations.

Anything you attempt to cling to will be destroyed by this transforming power. The apparent securities of the past have begun to waver and topple. All that remains is trust; the knowledge that all events in life arise from the endless love of the universe and bring us the possibility for learning and recognition. This understanding of the true nature of events transforms even apparent losses or painful disappointments into the valuable gifts they really are. Times of desperation and inner tension, when recognized, can become the most fruitful growing phases of our lives.

The Tower is also one of the highest cards for healing. Just as the
extraction of a rotten tooth provides relief for the entire body, the
destruction of stagnant situations and relations which hinder growth
begins a healing process for your entire organism. Having a tooth
extracted can be painful, but when the tooth is poisoning your system,
there is no other choice. The strokes of fate may seem equally tragic
and unfathomable, but they come to us only because we need them
and have created them for ourselves either consciously or unconsciously.
If you can recognize and accept these laws of the universe, you possess all you need for true liberation and total transformation to occur.
The eye of Horus illustrates awakened consciousness, which sees
reality as it truly is. The dove with the olive branch symbolizes the
compassion toward oneself and others which arises out of self-knowledge. It also symbolizes that which remains pure and whole throughout; the essence of being, from which all is created anew (the snake).

Indications: You are in the midst of (or are about to enter into) an
extremely intensive transformatory process. Whatever is destroyed or
shaken within you serves to purify you and make room for for something
new. Allow it!

Question: Are you ready to view yourself and Life with new eyes?
Suggestion: Observe yourself in daily life. Situations may seem to repeat
themselves, but you will not continue to repeat old, limited, restrictive
behavior patterns.

Affirmation: Everything that happens in my life is for the best.

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