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Key Words: Aquarius; inspiration, crystallization, self-recognition, radiating, clear vision, trust in the self; connection to universal intelligence.


This card represents a beautiful process. Cosmic inspiration of the highest nature is received and made manifest on the material plane. The card is ruled by Aquarius. The medium, or water carrier in this process, is represented by the star goddes Nuith (see also XX The Aeon). She is fully open to the input from the spiritual plane, and passes it on in full service to the highest good. She is the channel used by divine energy to manifest on earth. In each hand she holds a cup through which the spiral vortices of energy pour. Her hair acts as an antenna to extend perception and flows to the earth, carrying with it the inspiration of the cosmic.

A new, crystal-clear vision lends form and purpose to that which a
moment ago was only a vague impression. You gain a more penetrating view into the boundless potential of your development. The power of the inspiration you receive gives wings to your soul and lets the apparently impossible become manifest in marvelous ways.

A person led by this wisdom exudes such a quality of being, such a
radiation, that other people are drawn as if by a magnet. The sheer
force of spiritual transformation causes the masks of personality and
the limitations of the small »I« to become meaningless. Stubborn willfullness and fear can be dropped as the water-bearer gives herself up,
more and more, to the workings of the newly-freed spirit.

The receptive antennas must, however, be subjected regularly to
careful purifying and cleansing. If reception is disturbed by self-seeking
tendencies, the tremendous energies at hand can have a devastating effect. Enthusiasm may become fanatacism, inspiration may become illusion. The emotions need to be watchfully observed. Just as the
water flows from the cup of Nuith and turns to crystals, so must the
emotions become crystalized. This means they must be clearly and
definitely grasped. This cannot happen if you repress and control
emotions, but only if you allow emotional unfolding to take place
(symbolized by the rose blossoms). The butterflies, symbols of transformation, indicate that your own view of things will change and become liberated from the bonds of old conditioning.

Indications: Let your star rise, and stay in contact with the earth. Trust
your environment and find ways to let others share in it. You will be
tested and recognized by the fruits you bear.

Question: Are you totally fulfilled in your present area of work?

Suggestion: Check to see if you are doing everything possible to bring
your ideas to fruition.

Affinnation: My creative powers of imagination and my connection to an
all-encompassing consciousness will show me the way to realize my ideas.

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