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Orquídea want’s a flower shop. She has one more hurdle to cross.

If we look at her cards, we would say they are good. They are great. She has a good foundation early in life, mostly due to her dedicated parents. Most of her battles have passed, but she is wounded. If all goes well, if she heals, she will have the future she wants. Orquídea will have a family with influence and a life well provided for. She can have it all if she is genuine. If she is careful with her money and her friends. The only warnings I see are beware of the love of money and the disdain that comes with it. In the future Orquídea’s success is well deserved. There doesn’t seem to be any debauchery or abuse. We do see in her cards three significant events, two are formative and the third is a choice.

Orquídea’s dream

The first significant event in her life is probably the death of her father. Orquídea’s father passed away early in her childhood. For Orquídea, life started with a struggle and a rush, her and her mother in the back of a pickup truck. She was born into a world of movement and change. She barely remembers her father. Mostly he is playing magician, making coins disappear and reappear behind her ear. He worked as a fruit picker and they moved with the seasons. His death was difficult for her to understand. In the cards we learn about her private pain and public humiliation. There are financial losses in the process and money becomes tight. However, he left some seeds for the future. He had an insurance policy. He left Orquídea the insurance money so she could start something of her own and not be at the mercy of others.  He left her the money so she could one day be her own boss.

In the near past there is an older woman with authority. It is probably her mother that passed away. She was a hard-working woman and they depended on each other. This older woman oversaw the money, so we surmise that even though the money was left to Orquídea, her mother managed it. We can also assume she grew it by contributing what she could herself. They lived frugally and weathered the ups and downs of life in semi-comfort. Orquídea daily went to school and she liked it. She wore the same clothes every day. She kept them clean and imagined it was her work uniform, just like her mother’s. If she got down about it, she would put wildflowers in her pocket. These days affected Orquídea. The long hours spent alone while her mother worked, gave her time to internalize her surroundings, feeling trapped in their description. Cheap. She felt trapped because she was ignorant. Her grades didn’t matter. She was ignorant because they were fruit pickers.

The third significant event in her life is marriage. In Orquídea’s life it is a choice, and she wants to get married and have a family. She doesn’t want a large family, but she does want at least two children. It was hard being an only child. She doesn’t want that for her kids.

Orquídea has one more hurdle to cross. It will require willpower, introspection and acceptance. She needs to learn how to hang by her feet. She needs her hands free. It’s not about trusting others. It’s about trusting yourself to handle others. There is a moment of personal growth when you achieve what you believe you can’t. That’s where the second row of cards comes in. Right in the middle we have the tower, shortly preceded by the devil and later followed by death. These are strong cards. We also know the outcome. This row is the present. It is when she has that moment of enlightenment. Where she will become aware that she can solve her problems.


Orquídea came with the question, where should I open my flower shop. Her question was not, should I open my flower shop, her question was where. She’s got two places lined up, one is next to a coffee shop and the other one is next to a martini bar. Now what in these cards can we see to answer her question. Most of the cards mention intellect. She gets out of trouble by thinking.  On the third row we have the hanged man. That is about being astute.

To decide which location to choose, aside from the facts such as rent, insurance, taxes and utilities. It really has more to do with where Orquídea sees opportunity. The rent on the spot next to the martini bar is 7 % higher. But Orquídea still thinks the martini bar area is a better idea. It is open later. The coffee shop closes at five thirty and it’s downtown in the business district. It’s dead after work. The martini bar is close to the metro and train station. It is busy late, has security and is well-lit. Orquídea feels she can sell flowers to husbands and lovers running late, or lovebirds leaving the bar after a drink, or simply a token for a blind date.  People don’t buy flowers in the morning unless they are for work, but people buy flowers in the evening to take home. What should Orquídea do?  She doesn’t have her mother to ask.

The first three cards on the third row are noteworthy. The second line ends with a bang. The third line starts with self-reflection and then an artful trapeze, to achieve a significant victory. These are great cards.  The whole last line is. In them we see she finds and meets someone to have a family with. She is accepted and has influence in her society, with a just and recognized reward.  It seems her challenges are self-trust and self-reliance. She knows she is a good person. She needs to see she is an able person.

Orquídea has always been creative and felt confident with her floral arrangements. It’s in her abilities in accounting and knowledge of contracts where she has doubts. Self-trust comes from believing you will be able to get the best deal possible even if at this moment you don’t know how. If she doesn’t get her call on the spot next to the martini bar, then she can go to the space next to the coffee shop. The thing is, she found two places while looking for one. That’s the lesson, that she knows how to go and find more places to open flower shops. She will have to overcome her distrust, of herself. If she realizes that it’s not about trusting others, but trusting your charm, your mind and skill to negotiate. She will know she has the capacity to think on the fly and keep cool. She will know when she doesn’t know; when she needs advice, and she will know how to get it. She will get it from a professional and pay for it. No favors. It is up to her to be best prepared. She doesn’t know everything, but she can learn about anything.

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