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Key Words: highly discriminating or discerning; open to criticism; critical self-analysis.


The central part of the card is enveloped by the stylized body of the star-goddes Nuith. She spreads night over the heavens in order to provide a background for the stars. During the day, she is once again swallowed up by the sun. Her companion is Hadit, represented by a winged ball of fire. He represents the omniscient view, the view from all sides at once. The union of these two creates the child Horus. He is a double god, possessing both a passive and an active form. The eye of Horus sees the totality. He can see what has fallen out of harmony. His clear insight serves as a basis for an all-encompassing critical power of discrimination. Criticism based on such deep perception can be communicated in a manner that motivates and inspires, rather than condemns others. Discernment which springs from real insight is constructive and free of dogma.

The Aeon points to a need for well-thought-out judgement of the situation. A long, difficult work process may be required before you finally reach this judgement. All-encompassing insight cannot be achieved solely through the intellect. Body, Spirit and Soul (the three figures at the bottom of the picture) are drawn into the process of forming a judgement, and during this process you will instinctively move toward that which will support your blossoming, and move away from that which will offer no help. The god of Wisdom (Ohyros), shown as a winged serpent at the top of the painting, is a symbol of the vast powers of thought available to the mind which reflects reality directly, freed from the ballast of prejudice or preconceptions. Judegment arises from direct personal experience. Finally, it is life itself, and no longer the limited individual consciousness, which becomes the source of all judgement.

Indications: You are being challenged to drop your »worm’s eye view,« to see things from a higher plane. When you have recognized greater timespans (aeons) and other contexts (which you are increasingly ready to do), you will then tend more and more to observe things in their being-ness: to see free from evaluations.

Suggestion: Meditate on the following statement: One sign of ignorance is indicated by some belief in injustice and unhappiness.

Question: Which methods will you use to gain deeper insight and greater wisdom?

Affirmation: God is the Unknown, the mysterious. The more I know that I don’t know, the closer I am to the Divine.


    1. I have finished the major arcana and now will move to the suit cards. Which one do you like best so far? Do you play with tarot cards? Cheers!

      1. they are fun to look at and can be thought provoking. I was reading about the card that represents defeat, 5 of swords. It can also be interpreted as a moment when one doesn’t speak up. Kind of like a battle worth fighting but one didn’t. I found this perspective interesting.

      2. Yup. Sounds very interesting. A niece of mine has started to read tarot cards recently. Shall surely meet up with her soon.
        Thank you

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