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Key Words: the fiery aspect of fire; dynamic forward motion; increased insight; coming changes.

The Knight of Wands symbolizes the mastery of growth and inner development. In his left hand is the burning torch (see Ace of Wands) with which he burns away all negativity which stands in his way. He has taken on the task of removing all abstacles and blocks on the path towards his own growth.

His flowing cape is made of flame. His helmet is ornamented with a unicorn’s head whose horn symbolizes the third eye. His own vision has become a vehicle (horse) for decisive dealing with the outer world. As a reptile grows, it must, from time to time, crawl out of the old skin which has become too tight. The knight’s armor, made of reptile skin, symbolizes dropping all that is old and narrow, and leaping forward courageously.

The energy created by increased perception is set free and now manifests; it is unstoppable. Even difficult situations will move in a constructive direction.

Indications: Be awake, ready for people or situations which could produce dynamic changes in your consciousness. Be grateful for this gift from existence. Receive it, and don’t cling to it.

Questions: Does your present situation allow your energies to develop and unfold fully? If not, what must be removed or changed? Suggestion: Seek out situations and opportunities that challenged you! Engage withh all your energy.

Affirmation: Every challenge which arises helps me grow. Every storm strengthens my roots.

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