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Key Words: the watery aspect of fire; self-knowledge, change, compassion.


The Queen of Wands has mastered self-knowledge. She has looked deep into her own nature which has led to a transformation of her being.

The story says that she at one time had black hair, and the panther, her companion, had black fur. The transformation she underwent left her with golden blond hair, and turned the panther into a lion. However, her knowledge of her former condition filled her with compassion for those creatures not yet freed. In order to be able to help others, she chooses to wear reddish-brown hair, and keeps the lion in the form of a leopard, whose black spots bear witness to the darkness of the past.

The queen sits in a fiery throne wearing an armor of scales with a fish emblem on the breast. It is the unifying of water and fire, of intuitive recognition and emotional involvement, which effect inner transformation. He r crown of intellectual clarity and expanded perception still bears the nails of the crown of thorns, a reminder of the humiliation and suffering which preceded her transformation. He r eyes are closed in quiet ecstasy. The consciousness is turned inward and her presence radiates the blessedness of inner peace. The pine cone at the end of the wand symbolizes spiritual growth. The wand held in this position reminds us to ground our self-realization in the earth, as well as to allow others to share in it.

Indication: You have worked on yourself and made progress. It’s time to learn how to share this with others. Let your self-realization be expressed in your daily life!

Questions: How can you share what you have found for yourself with other people?

Suggestion: Meditate on the following statement: »Leaming is finding out what you already know. Action is showing that you know. Teaching is letting others know that they know it as well as you.«*

Affirmation: I am a radiant being filled with light and love.

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