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Key Words: the airy aspect of fire; intensity; blossoming love; intuitive creativity; out of the darkness, into the light.


The Prince sits with his arms outspread, as his fiery chariot moves forward swiftly. A few dark marks in the background hint at the darkness which he is now leaving behind. The general impression he makes is one of definiteness, openness, and freedom. He i§ naked, meaning he does not need to hide or protect himself. He holds a Phoenix-scepter in his right hand, a symbol of power and energy. He conquers new areas of his life like a pioneer (his legs form the number four, as on IV, The Emperor). His heart opens and he sees the world with new eyes.

The Prince of Wands personifies the mastery of intuitive creativity (the green color in the flames). All senses are geared toward being used for creative purpose. He trusts in his intuition, and surprises others with his original ideas and solutions. Nothing can hinder or limit this creative flow. The blazing fire in the chariot keeps him in motion.

By surrendering to love (lotus blossoms at his heart) he rises above himself. Wings of Phoenix feathers lift him and allow him to view the world from an elevated perspective.

The Prince of Wands is a fascinating expression of youthful, bubbling over energy, and joy of life. His thoughts are daring and filled with creative power (winged lion above him). His trust in his perception frees him, allowing him to move beyond former limitations in thought and action.

The Prince of Wands is perfectly ready to engage himself fully in facing life’s tests and challenges, but his greatest lesson is that his strong will can only help him toward his goal when it is in harmony with the will of the Whole.

Indications: You have all you need! Don’t let yourself be contained! Don’t let yourself be slowed down! Life is prepared to receive you. Trust your boundless creative potential!

Question: What challenges are present now in your life?

Suggestion: Spread your arms wide and breathe deeply into your heart.

Affirmation: I love life and life loves me.

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