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Key Words: the earthy aspect of fire; being freed from fear; new beginning; optimism; increased perception.


The fear is conquered! The Princess of Wands, naked, open, unprotected, has vanquished the tiger of fear (see The Fool). He r staff bears the symbol of the Sun. The feathers on her head indicate her increased perception and sense of justice which she has gained by overcoming her fear.

She dances her ecstatic dance in a huge flame. Beside her, on an altar ornamented with rams’ heads, the fire of Spring, new beginnings, burns high. The fiery-red background symbolizes passion, vitality, and flaming energy. When fear disappears, undreamed-of springs of enthusiasm and joy bubble up, revitalizing our lives. Our self-limiting fears, the tiger’s corpse, can be buried and forgotten.

Indications: Your old fears have lost their power over you. Their dead remains cannot frighten you any longer. Reflect now on your greatest strengths.

Question: What’s the next step in your life? Find it fearlessly!

Suggestion: Learn about ways of transforming fearful feelings. Get involved, for example, in dance, trance work or ecstatic forms of meditation.

Affirmation: My greatest strength is… As I accept my fear, it is transformed into love.

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