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Key Words: the fiery aspect of water; surrender to beloved ones; capacity for giving; reaching higher emotional planes; spiritual relationships.


The Knight of Cups has large wings with which he soars on his powerful white horse. He wears green armor, and the cup in his outstretched right hand contains Cancer, the Crab. The water sign Cancer can refer to familial relationships. But here the idea of family must be enlarged to include also any chosen relationships, especially those with spiritual connections (or spiritual communities).

The pale blue wings of the spirit uplift emotional relationships to higher levels of exchange and mutual understanding. The peacock, symbol of vanity, has also been uplifted. He unfolds his beauty and offers it, without haughtiness, to the service of the higher.

The green armor represents the Knight’s highly creative ability to give expression to his deep emotions. The gifts he gives are expressions of his striving toward more and more perfect forms of emotional interchange.

Indication: You yearn for intensive interchange with those of like mind and like outlook.

Question: How can the interchange in your relationships be enriched?

Suggestion: Seek your true family, the community in which you feel at home. There you will find the quality of communication you long for.

Affirmation: I am finding the contact I now need.

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