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Key Words: the earth aspect of water; emotional freedom; jealousy conquered; trust in the self.


The Princess of Cups is represented as a dancing figure. She is free, not imprisoned by emotions; for a swan, rising above her head, shows the independence and freedom she has gained. She has cast off the bonds of possessiveness and manipulation. Freed from jealousy, she is surrounded by grace, kindness and clarity (indicated by the crystals on her gown).

With great tenderness and gentleness she holds the cup with the turtle in her hand as a hint of the protection she lovingly assures herself and others. The white lotus flower in her outstretched left hand represents her readiness to be a giving lover. The outstretched arm symbolizes the distance she has taken from herself which makes it possible for her love to unfold in its purest form. The dolphin’s eyes are crystals, meaning that the past can now be seen with clarity and can be brought to completion.

Indications: Trust your feelings and perceptions. You are on the right path.

Question: Is there anything else preventing you from being fully free? You now have the opportunity to let go of it as well.

Suggestion: Imagine you are surrounded by water and are dancing the dance of salvation and freedom with light, flowing movements.

Affirmation: The more I love myself, the more I can share with others.

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