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Key Words: the fiery aspect of air; goal-oriented, ambition, flexible intellectual powers; passion, vehemence.


The Knight of Swords in his gold-green armor goes hunting, riding at full gallop, the embodiment of his goal-oriented mental activity. He knows where he is bound, and will not rest until he arrives at his destination. He has remarkable powers of concentration. Thoughts and ideas come to him with lightning speed; he is a master of imaginative and flexible thinking, which he uses to achieve his goals (gold-green armor). The four propellers refer to the four heavenly directions and indicate that the power of thought is bounded neither by time nor space.

His strong intellectual determination is unified with a deep emotional perceptiveness. Only goals which are emotionally charged can kindle such passion. Body, intellect and spirit (the three swallows) are in harmony and fly alongside him.

Both swords, the long one in his right hand, and the short one in his left, will be employed equally. They represent two potential energies, yang (male, analytical) and yin (feminine, intuitive) which will be needed in the proper balance in order for him to advance. He appears to be one with his galloping horse, because of his well balanced and correctly applied abilities.

Indication: You are in a good position now to forge plans, set goals and bring them to fruition.

Questions: Do you know your goal? What happens once you achieve it?

Suggestion: Imagine how you will best be able to enjoy your success.

Affirmation: I know my goal and I know what I am working towards. Each goal is just a milestone on the way to my ultimate destination.

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