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Key Words: the airy aspect of air; intuition, creative thinking; cutting through all entanglements; becoming free of limited ideas and models; clear perception.


The Prince of Swords wears tight, webbed, green armor. He is a master of creative ideas, thinking and planning. A prerequisite for being able to think creatively is unrestricted freedom. The creative thought process cannot tolerate being limited in any way. This is why the Prince swings his arm so far back to cut the connection with the figures pulling the wagon with full force. These figures are symbols of confining ideas and feelings, or limiting relationships, which might slow the chariot’s progress.

The crystal in the chariot is shaped like a double pyramid. It shows perception becoming crystallized. This is a good time to give shape and form to ideas.

Sometimes problems appear insurmountable to us because of old, limiting belief systems and convictions, for example, »I am weak and dependents or, »If I assert myself, I will be punished«, or, »I am basically clumsy.« In some past situation, perhaps in our childhood, such feelings may have had a certain validity, but now they have no relation to our present reality. We continue to drag these beliefs along with us, however, repeatedly experiencing situations which reinforce them. We tell ourselves, for example, that our basic clumsiness causes us to drop and break things.

Reality is just a little different. We don’t simply fall into situations accidentally, but create them around ourselves based on our beliefs about reality. A man who is embarrassed about his »terrible« clumsiness, for example will so restrict his movements, afraid of being clumsy, that his movements really will be clumsy. Whatever true natural grace he may possess remains undiscovered and undeveloped, because at some time in the past someone convinced him to see himself as clumsy.

If we closely examine aspects of ourselves which are unsatisfactory, we can see that each uncomfortable or unworkable situation serves to show us our own misconceptions and mistaken attitudes. Once we have seen these for what they are, we can correct or let go of them.

Indications: Free yourself from whatever limits your mind and spirit. But be sure you express your ideas and plans in ways that other people will understand. Accept their opinions humbly. Your thinking may be way ahead of its time, but you can adjust to make your vision workable in the present without sacrificing anything!

Question: What beliefs, feelings, relationships or programmed ideas do you allow to limit you?

Suggestion: Learn about creative visualization.

Affirmation: My creative possibilities have no limits.

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