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Key words: the earthy aspect of air; out of the clouds into clarity; victory over moods; rebellion


The Princess of Swords represents a fresh intellectual clarity which shakes everything up.

She has just demolished the old altar, which explodes, sending clouds of smoke, rubble and ash into the air. When intellectual and spiritual (air) renewal meet the element earth, the altars of old ideals are destroyed, and the smoke will soon settle, leaving room for clarity.

Every change, every inner conflict you experience sends smoke and ash (emotions and moods) flying into the air. But the Princess of Swords does not allow the dust, caused by the destruction of the old and useless, to cloud the clarity of her vision! She uses her sword to sweep away moods and disruptive thoughts which arise. She is resolute and aggressive, dealing well with practical issues, particularly when they include contradictory or paradoxical elements.

The Princess of Swords represents an extremely rebellious person who is not to be intimidated either by the established or the sanctified. Because she rebels in the name of clarity, openness and truth, she is prepared to destroy anything repressive, anything which prevents a full experience life, including all moral codes. He r »no« to repression is rooted in a deep »yes« to herself and existence. We can compare her actions to Jesus’ throwing the moneylenders out of the temple.

Indications: Your thoughts and vision may at times destroy »holy« altars. Don’t let yourself be buried by the flying debris. Don’t allow your moods to take hold of you. Remain true to your real ideals.

Questions: What old »altars« are present in your surroundings, in your life? Have you the courage to destroy them?

Suggestion: Look inside, see if your rebellion is rooted in love.

Affirmation: My rebellion is positive, constructive and creative.

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