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Key Words: the watery aspect of earth; fruitfulness; physical nourishment; overcoming the barren past.


The Queen of Disks has the long hard way through the desert (background of the card) behind her and has arrived in a greener, more fertile land. She rests, sitting on a huge pineapple, enjoying the refreshing oasis, and takes the time to look back on her long and difficult path.

The crystal-topped staff, and the curled horns on her head, symbolize the clarity of her enhanced powers of perception. Her clothes of reptile skins, and the globe in her arm, symbolize the renewal of the earth and are an indication of fruitfulness.

The he-goat in front of her represents the procreative capacity necessary for new life. He can also be seen as Capricorn: tough, tenacious, independent. The Queen of Disks gives great care to her body. She knows precisely what attention the body needs in order to reflect suitably, as the temple of the Soul, her internal beauty. This applies to physical and cosmetic care as well as good nourishment and care of her health.

Indications: You have past through an arid stretch on your journey and have now arrived in more fruitful surroundings. Now you can rest and devote some attention to yourself and your physical needs.

Questions: In what ways have you neglected your body, your outer self? Do you indulge yourself?

Suggestion: Devote more attention to your health and physical beauty than you have until now.

Affirmation: I give my body the gift of loving attention, it gives me the gift of life energy, joy in living and health.

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