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Key Words: the airy aspect of earth; mastery of structure, design, architecture; great energy in dealings with the material; unshakable; prudence; meditation; physical activity.


The Prince of Disks represents the process of blooming and pollination, symbolized by the many different flowers behind him. He sits in a solidly built chariot pulled by a powerful bull. The bull symbol is repeated on the Prince’s helmet. The fruits surrounding him indicate the richness of the harvest which will follow fertilization and growth.

In his left hand is a globe (the earth) containing mathematical symbols, a reference to the continually renewed manifestation (fruits) on macro and micro levels of existence. The scepter in his right hand, topped by a ball and cross, represents global consciousness which expresses itself in every earthly manifestation.

The bull draws the chariot with unfailing will. Nothing will stop him, nothing can break his determination to reach the goal. It is particularly in the most important and serious situations that he proves, again and again, that he is unshakable and possesses prudence and perseverance.

The Prince’s openness (he is naked and unprotected), combined with the qualities of the bull, make him trustworthy in his dealing with others. The Prince is meditative. In his creative interaction with the earth he comes to a deep understanding of the meaning of life.

Indication: This is the time to take action; if you do so, important experiences will result.

Questions: What activities do you enjoy? What activities would help you toward self-realization?

Suggestion: Find a physical creative activity in which you find joy and fulfillment.

Affirmation: I am finding the work that fulfills and satisfies me.

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