1. Good morning. Yes, he was influential and has a lovely way of looking at the world. I find it interesting how he decomposes the images. It’s like a reverse gestalt. I also want to thank you for your comments. I learn by looking at the pictures again with your remarks in mind. I get a different message.

      I’ve read your posts, but it is slow. I use google translator. It is a challenge that I welcome. I was in St Petersburg not long ago and it was fascinating to see the business signs, extrapolate and guess what it would be. It wasn’t too difficult guessing it was a ресторан (restaurant) having the tables and patrons to see while having lunch. The whole trip was a thrill.

      1. Thanks for reading my blog. I think it’s time to make English versions of publications.
        Well done, you read with a translator. I also sometimes read with a translator.
        I, too, will soon go to St. Petersburg with my daughter.
        I am glad that I unwittingly help to study the world.
        Glad to chat.

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