The Last Dance (Original Mix) · Abel Daizer · Busi-N

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I’m Abel Mulaudzi born 1990/09/16I started doing music in 2007 back then I was doing hip hop and changed to house music in late 2009 ,I’ve been producing music since then, in early 2010 I meat sfiso dj, sthembiso buthelezi and sol Phenduka, this are the guys who guide me and tip me with some advice of how I can become a better producer, I’ve been working with sfiso dj since then, he shared most of his skills with me and introduced me to Other producers like Tobetsa Lamola and fede ink,I started working with tobetsa and he introduced me to Rascu & elzer deep Amour, elzer introduced me to mercy and many other producers, so I have been working with all of them learning more in production

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