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mikhu | dj/producer | Basel, Switzerland

Domenico Longo alias mikhu is a DJ / Producer from Basel.
Since his childhood, music has been an important part of his life and accompanies him daily through his everyday life.
Fascinated by rhythm, groove and echoing bass, he early discovered his passion for electronic music.
At the age of 14, during a party, he became aware of the DJ for the first time and immediately realized: “That’s what I want to do!”
Together with friends, he bought his first mixing console on which the journey began.
The journey took him from electro to house to minimal techno, where he gradually found himself.
In 2013, together with his closest friends, he founded the label “Spielplatzhelden”, in which he was in a DJ-Duo with “elijah”, first under the name “funkstille” and later as “whim”.
Since the end of 2016 he is now standing alone behind the decks.
The joy of experimenting can be heard in his sets, which are mixed with rhytmic techhouse and minimalistic Dub Techno and yet he runs his clear line.
In the studio the native Italian has no limits and produces every kind of music that makes his heart beat faster.

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