Tim Engelhardt – Under Armour

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The third of our three EP vinyl and digital releases of WhoMadeWho’s Watergate 26 mix is here and it begins with Echonomist’s infectious and style-bending ‘At The End Of The Day’. Mathias Schober seals the A side delivering a wild ride of warm percussion and intense strings while Stereocalypse flips the script commencing the B-side with the Dance Rock anthem ‘King Not Naked’. Clinching the release, Tim Engelhardt’s ‘Under Armour’ is an intoxicating excursion into late night dance floor theatrics making it the ideal cut to complete the EP.

On the digital side of the release, WhoMadeWho kick off deep with their remix of Magit Cacoon & Lonya’s ’Shma IL’ before Otto B’s epic ‘Willy’ dives into the deeper corners of Techno. Getting headier, Chaim & Jenia Tarsol’s ‘Track I Did’ exudes the perfect combination of groove and euphoria while dOP’s ‘Radiowaves’ powerful love song makes a perfect finale to the Watergate 26 EP #2 release.

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