Marino Canal – The Endless Fall (Khen Remix) [Lost & Found]

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Fresh off the release of his chart topping ‘Ten’ collaboration with Orsen, Cid Inc takes the deeper vibes of Kasper Koman’s ‘Hi’ closer to a peak time dance floor. Following a DJ friendly intro the piece builds in methodical fashion with chunky bass stabs, luminous overlays and a strong rhythmic core. Sitting firmly in the pure progressive realm it’s energy is undeniable, building momentum with each successive loop, before the second of two breaks melts down to a reservoir of fragmented melodies and hazy harmonics, ultimately highlighting the piece before a charming build ignites a chugging finale. Similarly, Khen comes off an equally large collaborative project with fellow country man Guy Mantzur for Bedrock Records, now landing back on Lost & Found with a stunning rendition of Marino Canal’s ‘The Endless Fall’. Built around a free flowing melodic storyboard, the Tel Aviv resident combines vocal fragments, tranquil arps and exotic drums with haunting atmospherics and harmonic refrains. Emotive and timeless in equal measure, it makes for a charming eight minute journey and perhaps one of Khen’s most creative remixes to date.

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