Roy Rosenfeld – Shadow Of Truth [ADID027]

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It’s always Summer somewhere we believe. Here’s our latest release to make a dull day brighter.
Roy’s first EP for All Day I Dream has continued to create quiet moments of magic for us since last Summer.
Straight out the gate comes “When We Were Innocent’. It’s one of those seemingly small tracks on headphones that when played out in the club it sneaks up on your dance floor when the bassline arrives. Especially after the main drop. Emotive with a tight groove it’s a winner!
“Gutfeelin” has a whimsical mood to it. It’s not going to be for everyone that’s for sure, but for those with an adventurous or more playful spirit it lingers long in the memory. A track constantly discussed on our socials and asked about it’s definitely got its own special vibe.
“Shadow Of Truth” walks the tightrope between breakbeat and 4:4. It’s emotive journey wraps you in its arms and gives you a warm hug. Falling in love? Here’s today’s soundtrack to accompany that beautiful feeling.
Closing out the EP is ‘Sudden Realization’. Smooth, deep and linear. A warm slice of groovy house. Best enjoyed with your eyes closed.
We hope you love the EP as much as we do.

Grab your copy here:

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