Cormac – Perfect Time (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)

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Panorama Bar DJ Cormac doesn’t often unleash his studio creations. But when he does, we all pay attention…

Almost three years after his cult track ‘Hypnotise’ brought the devil out in us, comes the beguiling and unique new single ‘Perfect Time’ on Correspondant. Downbeat, dark and sexy,

“Rich spaciousness is the aftermath that we feel after dancing all with friends. When everyone and everything is strangely synced, when we are untouchable.”

Reminiscent of a Wild Bunch record but produced by Two Lone Swordsmen somewhere in the 22nd century, the stark sleazy beats give heaps of space for Cormac’s provocative vocals. Eagles & Butterflies meanwhile give ‘A Perfect Time’ the consummate dancefloor treatment. The main mix packs a wry but euphoric Italo punch that shimmers and wriggles around the vocal. The rave mix, meanwhile, kicks with more electroid angularities, eventually melting into brazen trippiness.

Something for every different time of the night. Perfect.

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