If you don’t want to question motives, be reciprocal.

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The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as you want to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in most religions and cultures. It can be considered an ethic of reciprocity in some religions, although different religions treat it differently. Wikipedia

Definition of reciprocity

1: the quality or state of being reciprocal mutual dependence, action, or influence

2: a mutual exchange of privileges

specificallya recognition by one of two countries or institutions of the validity of licenses or privileges granted by the other.

Examples of reciprocity in a Sentence

Grownups know that little things matter … and that relationships are based on respect and reciprocity.— Margaret Carlson, Time, 4 June 2001

Introduced in the McKinley Tariff of 1890, reciprocity gave the president authority to remove items from the free list if their countries of origin placed unreasonable tariffs on American goods.— Mary Beth Norton et al., A People and a Nation, 1988

Synonyms & Antonyms of reciprocity

formal a situation or relationship in which two people or groups agree to do something similar for each other; a reciprocal arrangement or relationship

  • The proposal calls for reciprocity in trade relations.

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