The Endless Ocean – Mandelbrot Fractal Zoom

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A huge blue double header for you this week! Two videos with the same geometry, colour palette and music, but with completely different moods. This one is really another look at the “Infinite Ocean” idea that was popular a few months back, however I have added colour cycling, so things are moving a little. If you don’t really like this style, you will probably like the companion video “Blue Dreams” (released tomorrow). Please hit subscribe.

The idea for this came after being trolled in the comments section by someone saying that there is no artistic merit to the videos because it is computer generated. And while I certainly don’t claim to be very artistic myself, it is certainly possible to control the style and mood of the video. There are certainly some awesome fractal artists out there, particularly those making still images. So to demonstrate what is possible, I thought I would make two videos with exactly the geometry and colour palette. Anyways, please let me know in the comments what you think, and which video is more to your taste.

Unlike the Infinite Ocean video, this one is rendered with my own software and Kalles Fraktaler. This means that I can go much deeper, and create the video much faster. I created a “Panel” effect for my plugin which gives the coloured panels you see in this video. The video is also shaded to give it a pseudo-3D feel. The angle for the lighting effect is based on the angle at which the iteration count is increasing. Such shading is cue for the brain to interpret the image as having depth.

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Watchman – Yi Nantiro

The Dice Is Cast – Yi Nantiro
One Way Ticket – Yi Nantiro
Not All Roses Are Red – Yi Nantiro
Nippon – Yi Nantiro
The Way Of The Warrior – Yi Nantiro
At Long Last – Yi Nantiro
As The Curtains Fall – Yi Nantiro
A Single Grain Of Rice – Yi Nantiro
Immovable As The Mountain – Yi Nantiro

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