Township Rebellion – Aphrodite [Stil vor Talent]

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Artist: Township Rebellion | Marc Holstege
Release Title: Township Rebellion | Marc Holstege
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No: SVT184
Release: 2016-01-13

Joining forces from adjacent areas musically as well as geographically, Township Rebellion and Marc Holstege each contribute two resounding original cuts. The German producer collective initiates side A with Aphrodite, a spacious and majestic construction that pieces together uplifting synth arrays with a brooding bassline and an overall elevating groove. A slice of near-symphonic dub tech that elates and captivates at the same time. Gaia comes in progressively, kicking in with a stripped down bassline only to escalate into a full on body mover, powered by grave synths and pensive leads. Boomy percussion lays the base for industrial pads to amp up the highs, reinforcing the somber atmosphere. Holstege’s premier offering, ‘Mangata’ unfolds sequentially, as the producer pairs a deep, melodic intro ridden with celestial chords to a sunken kick drum and metallic percussion. Strings and harmony make up the main pillars of ‘Sonorous’, used to craft a melancholic and mesmeric deeep tech exploration. Warped synths announce a tense buildup, ultimately reverting to the overtone of the initial string motif.

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