4K CABVIEW Capljina – Sarajevo – 99 tunnels and 65 bridges – The Neretva River Canyon

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The 195km long Sarajevo – Ploče railway line connects the continental part of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Adriatic Sea coast. This video shows 163km of this railway line through the Bosnia and Herzegovina, between Sarajevo and Čapljina. Short segment of this railway line, from Čapljina to the Port of Ploče, is located in Croatia.

This line is drilled through complicated mountainous terrain, especially between Bradina and Mostar and a significant part of the line follows the Neretva River, from continental to Mediterranean nature. The 99 tunnels along this line have a total length of over 36km. There are over ten long tunnels. The longest is tunnel “Jedrenje” (3239m) and tunnel “Ivan” (3221m). There are more than 60 bridges. The most significant are “Jablanica”, “Stara Drežnica”, “Tarčins viaducts” and bridges over the Neretva river.

The most scenic parts of the line Sarajevo – Čapljina are along the Neretva River Canyon and over the Bradina Pass. Several dams make large accumulations on the river. The track follows these accumulations and has a constant slope from the Adriatic Sea to the highest point in Bradina. Between Sarajevo and Konjic, the line climbs over the mountain with a few serpentines. These serpentines and a very large slope of 24‰ (total track resistance of 25,9‰) makes the famous “Bradina Pass”. At this part of the railway, the largest number of tunnels were drilled in order to overcome the large height difference at the shortest possible distance. The lowest point of the line is 7m at Čapljina and the highest point is 756m at Bradina.

This video recorded from passenger Talgo train number 720 (Čapljina – Sarajevo). Many significant details of the route and train, such as maximum speed, slow order speed, limit speed, location, altitude and objects like tunnels and bridges are shown in the video.

Date of recording:
August 2019.

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