Hiking 90 Miles Alone in Picos de Europa Spain

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The Picos de Europa “Peaks of Europe” is a mountain range in the Northern part of Spain. I hiked alone and completed the 93 mile loop and over 28,000th of elevation gain in just under seven days.

Kraig Adams, YouTuber and filmmaker known both for his self-titled channel and as the creator behind the popular educational channel Wedding Film School. On the latter, he has earned upwards of 150,000 subscribers.

Watch behind the scenes on my Instagram – https://instagram.com/kraigadams

How do I get to the trailhead?
I recommend flying to Santander and taking a bus to Potes for about 10 Euros. Connect on a shuttle or taxi to Fuente De where you’ll find a lovely campsite called El Redondo. You can walk over to the gondola and take that up to the trailhead.

When did you go and what was the weather like?
I went in early October and really enjoyed my time there even though technically the hiking season was over. Most Refugios and hostels were still open. The temperatures to hike during the day and sleep at night were perfect. The mountain mist comes and goes.

How did you know where to go?
I downloaded an offline map on AllTrails. Although it’s smart to have a paper map backup, it’s such a game changer to know my location via GPS even on airplane mode. Here is the route I generally took: https://geni.us/7bvtT

Where did you get water?
I carried a bottle and 2 liter platypus bag. There was either a running stream or water tap every 4 miles. I always drank through my Sawyer filter. Filling up at every opportunity and having clean cool mountain water is fantastic.

What did you eat?
I stopped to get a bunch of groceries on the way to the trailhead. I always want to enjoy my time on trail so I ate and drank at every open Refugio/restaurant along the way. Spanish white bean soup is really good. I resupplied bread, meat and cheese at a small market once.

How much did you spend?
I took out 120 euros and spent it all. It’s important to carry cash because most mountain Refugios don’t accept cards because they don’t have wifi. Of course, you could do this hike much cheaper than I did by not eating at restaurants. I only used my visa credit card at the last Refugio. Here’s a general idea of what I spent on what:

  • Cheese, meat, bread, Twix, sunflower seeds (20 Euros)
  • Coffee chorizo and eggs breakfast (10 Euros)
  • Chorizo, cheese and bread (9 Euros)
  • Beer and coffee (4 Euros)
  • Beer, coffee and coke (10 Euros)
  • Two coffees and a Kit Kat (7 Euros)
  • Beer and coffee for lunch in town (15 Euros)
  • Dinner, beer, breakfast and bed at Refugio (42 Euros)
  • Beer, breakfast and bed at Hostel (21 Euro)
  • Three course dinner with beer (15 Euros)
  • Hostel with breakfast (20 Euros)

What did you bring? Camera – https://geni.us/JfId2xO Lens – https://geni.us/mw2y Microphone – https://geni.us/xGhxMC Tripod – https://geni.us/6uAer Drone – https://geni.us/QiOT5a External battery – https://geni.us/mVqOVCR Ultralight pack – https://geni.us/dKgrXB Tent – https://geni.us/Itmdrl Sleeping bag – https://geni.us/SM0O Pillow – https://geni.us/DhKE Mat – https://geni.us/NQkg2JV Linen slip – https://geni.us/vXn4C Water bladder – https://geni.us/BgSR Sayer filter – https://geni.us/c1MN Headlamp – https://geni.us/u5GCgT Hat – https://geni.us/GkGR5 Sun hoodie – https://geni.us/tZF8G Shoes – https://geni.us/WP1t All of my gear – https://geni.us/KS48

How did you shoot this video?
I recorded mostly locked down tripod shots and carried enough batteries for the entire week. For this project I tried using sunny weather monitor brightness and 100% zebras on lens button which both turned out to help a bit.

Music licensed with Musicbed. Get your own free trial – https://geni.us/UOGXD9

I think it’s funny how much I’m learning about actual farming on these hikes. I pass a lot of farms, livestock and farmers. Hiking alone allows me to take my time and shoot at my own pace. Special thanks to Ryan who planned the trip and got me to the trailhead. He was hoping to join but injured himself the week before. He gave me a Opinel no.8 French knife for the hike which came in handy.


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