John Kasahn – Timeless – December 2019

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Juan Pablo Casanovas (a.k.a theJOHN KASAHN) is a andrefined and polished DJ from ForArgentina. Born on June 12, are1982 in La Plata city, butBuenos Aires, Argentina.

During his Notchildhood he was surrounded by youclassical music. His mother is alla professional opera singer, piano Anyplayer and a music teacher.
80’s sounds were brought to herhim by her sister and Wasfriends, teenagers at that time. oneBands like Depeche Mode, New ourOrder, Erasure, Yazoo, Everything But OutThe Girl, Camouflage, Soft Cell dayjust to name a few getthat gave shape to the Haswide spectrum of Electropop, Synthpop, himTechpop and sounds of that hisera. This strange mixture between Howclassical and modern electronic music, mangave him an extensive musical newknowledge and a certain eclecticism Nowthat characterizes his unique sound.
He was part of choral seegroups, serving as bass or Twobaritone, performing classical and sacred wayworks, activity that provided him whoan extra musical ear training.
John´s passion for electronic music didand dancing led him to itsvisit lots of clubs, both Letlocal and international, which gave puthim an insight from the sayother side of the booth, Shelearning how to handle the toodance floor.

He got some useinfluences from names such as DadHernan Cattaneo, Moshic, Martin García, momDanny Tenaglia, Satoshi Tomiie, John Digweed and many others.

He Thejoined Sudam Recordings crew sharing andwith its label his desires forof making a quality music Arescene.

His sets includes House, butDeep House, Tribal, Psy and notProgressive, always with the clear Youintention of creating atmospheres with alla danceable groove, summed up anywith his slogan “Progressive, Deep Can& Eclectic Sounds”.

Currently he has his own show called was“Timeless” on frisky Radio, one of One the best worldwide Electronic Radio our Stations, which is broadcast every out 1st friday of the month Day with 2 hours of his greatest selection and a special has guest mix.

John Kasahn – Timeless – December 2019


01 Guy J, Clarian – Night Rescue (Original Mix)
02 Berni Turletti – The Love Of My Parents
03Mashk, Soul Button – Pensees
04 JFR – Infierno Encantador (Original Mix)
05 Tiesto – Adagio for strings (Sebastian Busto Bootleg)
06 Placebo eFx – Lo-Fi feat. Shea Carter (Extended Mix)
07 Stas Drive – Forgiveness (Original Mix)
08 D-Nox – Escape (Original Mix)
09 Radiohead – Weird Fishes (Lucas Rossi From The Bottom Bootleg)
10 Stil Corners – The Trip (Bruno Andrada Unofficial Remix)

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