“Oh, can’t you write it funny?”

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Liz and Julia are driving down a rural road. They are on their way to the farmers’ market. Liz is driving.

“How far do we have to go?” asks Julia.  

“Not far, just about twenty minutes,” Liz answers. “Fifteen miles more. How are you coming along with your story?”

“Well, it’s coming along, but I need to make it funny.”

“I thought it was a scary short story.”

“It’s got to be funny, scary or people won’t like it.”

“Oh, can’t you write it funny?”

Julia smiles and asks, “You mean like using comic sans for a font?”

“Ha-ha, no not that way.” Liz says, “can’t you add humor by making your characters tell jokes?

“That would be just sugar. They want some crunchy cookie to bite into. I could make the dialogue funny if you help me. I can go over the lines with you and then come up with variations of your responses. I like that one about not feeling guilty. You know how to throw a line.  I’m one of those writers that needs a muse.  We’ll take what you say and rewrite it as many times as we want. Between the two of us, it’s got to get funny. “

“A muse,” Liz vocalizes mouthing slowly the words as if searching or pondering the meaning of the word. “Why not,” she turns and smiles,” I’ve never been that before.”

Author/Editor: Eugenio Zorrilla.

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