It will be fleeting and possibly light a quick soft kiss

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Today’s card; what it’s not. This is a great example of what today’s card means. Here we have the inverted lovers. Usually one would suppose it means quarreling, the opposite of love, but no. It means love but not at total plenitude, it’s diminished.  This is sometimes better than at full force. It can be overwhelming. Especially love.

Now in the context of today it would tell us to be prepared for the opportunity to love and be loved. It will be fleeting and possibly light, like a peck on the cheek, but it will be there for you to find if you have your eyes open.

ii) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

Esoteric Meanings

Many Voices One Truth

The Thoth Lovers Tarot Card contains much more symbolism than the Waite Card, with a heavy emphasis on alchemy that started with the Magus. It is the first card to have more than one figure in it and therefore represents separation. The Thoth Lovers Tarot card is, in summary, a glyph of DUALITY. It is also complex in that it can only be fully understood in relation to Atu 14 or the Art card. So this becomes one of the most complex cards in the pack. Hopefully the analysis below will provide a good starting point.

iii) Rider Waite Lovers Tarot Card

The Rider Waite Lovers Card shows a naked man and woman standing beneath the angel, Raphael. The angel blesses them and reminds them of their union with Spirit.

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

They have a backdrop of a beautiful, fertile landscape, reminiscent of the Garden of Eden. Behind the woman stands a tall apple tree, with a snake winding its way up the trunk. The serpent and apple tree represent the temptation of sensual pleasures that may take one’s focus away from their spiritual path. Behind the man is a tree of flames, which represent his fiery passion, symbolically portrayed by the masculine  Ace of Wands


(iv)Thoth Lovers Tarot Card & the Tree of Life

(i) Path 17: The Disposing Intelligence

Disposing = The Higher Intelligence of the Universe is inclined to, encourages, is pre-disposed to:

Provides Faith = God gives inspiration to those aligning to their spiritual purpose.

Righteous = those who have aligned themselves to the spiritual path of finding union with God despite the temptations of creation.

Clothed with the Holy Spirit = spirit will protect them and imbibe with higher knowledge on their journey.

(ii) Binah to Tiphareth

As we travel from Binah to Tiphareth, Binah is responsible for the ‘birth of form’ and hence the unity of God is now lost. The Lovers comes out of this Sephiroth and so we have the idea of DIVISION with this card. We see that this separation occurs repeatedly throughout the theme of the Lovers. Now we must have a clear understanding of the various different aspects (parts) of ourselves, surrendering those qualities which do not serve our highest good in order to achieve ‘Victory’, the word representing Tiphareth.

Tiphareth is also our Christ Consciousness. Have we made decisions in life which make us a reflection of our spiritual purpose in the world?

(v) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card Hebrew and Astrological Attribution

The Thoth Lovers Tarot Card is associated with the Hebrew Letter ZAYIN which means SWORD.

Zayin or sword implies division as a blade has 2 edges and a sword cuts through things.  The idea is set up therefore where we learn from being in a duality; we are a part of the creation and incarnating into a body gives us the experience of learning.

It is the opposite of the nail in the Hierophant, which binds things together. Here we have a sword which separates.

The sword creates duality and polar opposites out of Unity, creating form from the formless, separates night from day, pleasure from pain. It is through the sword of creation that we recognise our individuality. However, due to this separation we continually strive with the infinite unity of spirit, even as we fear that reunion as it involves dissolving our identity into the nothingness. This separation also makes us want to connect with another human being.

The Lovers is also associated with the mutable air sign GEMINI (The Twins) which implies a choice needs to be made with this card and further extends the concept duality in this card.

(vi) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card Alchemy 

Alchemy was first implied in the Magus and then developed in The Empress and Emperor Cards. Here we have all these principles together in one card.

SOLVE (separating): This is the alchemical process of the Lovers and involves separating an impure metal (representing an aspect of our selves), breaking it down into its separate parts and purifying them (working on the qualities which make us who we are, making them more aligned for spiritual purpose)

COAGULA (combining): describes the alchemical process in the ART card (Atu 14) or Temperance in the Rider Waite Deck whereby the purified parts are reintegrated. Internally, this represents our becoming whole whereby our life is in harmony with our spiritual will and purpose.

The Magus represents alchemical Mercury which unites Sulphur (Emperor) and Salt Empress). All three are related to the Gunas of Hinduism:

Thoth Lovers Tarot Card

(vii) Thoth Lovers Symbolism

For convenience the symbolism of the card is now divided into sections:

(i) Hermetic Marriage & The Hermit

Hermetic Marriage = between black King and white Queen officiated by the hooded figure, a form of the Hermit . In the Thoth Tarot, we have a royal marriage between Emperor and Empress, rather than two naked figures as depicted in the Rider Waite Tarot.

Hermit = represents the creative power of the universe (the Yod) and fertility (Hermit is associated with Virgo, fertile wheat).  We see fertility also represented by the spermatozoon in the Hermit Symbolism:

Hermits Scroll = the word (intelligence) of the LOGOS (creation). Related to the Magus and ruled by Mercury.

Sign of the Enterer (made by the Hermit) = offering out the intelligence of the universe of the scroll so that we may learn from the highest source. It is used in Thelemic Rituals: 

Crowley says it is also a sign of:

Benediction = a blessing at the end of a religious service and

Consecration = to dedicate to a higher purpose

Cloaked Hermit = He is shrouded to signify that the mysteries of life are hidden and far beyond the visible eye and intellect. This principle is similar to the symbolism of the High Priestess in the Rider Waite tarot who keeps her scroll partially hidden:

White Light behind Hermits Head = the Light of Kether, the spiritual Crown of the Tree of Life.

(ii) Cupid / Eros

Eros/Cupid = Roman God and son of Hermes.  Thelema is written on his golden quiver and he is blindfolded. Eros (Roman), Cupid (Greek):

Blindfold = unconscious desire of the soul to unite opposites.  This is where we get the meaning of this card as defined by the seeking of a relationship but what Crowley tries to identify this card with occurs on a spiritual level of the soul being at one with the Father.

Eros Arrow: is the directed WILL.This sums up Crowley’s Law of Thelema “Love is the Law, Love under Will”.

His arrow is said to represent SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE or directed will which is necessary on the spiritual path to find the unity of creation behind the division of appearances. This card is connected to Atu 14 (Art) which is ruled by Sagittarius the Archer and we see the arrow on her breastplate:

In summary Crowley describes the combination of processes in both The Lovers and Art Cards as:

Solve et Coagula = alchemical maxim Crowley uses to describe the alchemical processes of Atu 6 (Lovers) and 14 (Art).

(iii) Background

Eve = in top right hand corner of the card representing life

Lilith = top left hand corner of the card representing death

They represent the duality of Binah which begins to give form and dimensions to spirit. Binah therefore gives life (Eve = creation), and death (Lilith= decay).

Sword Archway = the gateway to the white Spiritual Light of Kether

Yellow Hues = Tiphareth. The Lovers path from Binah to Tiphareth on the Tree of Life is therefore represented in the symbolism of the card.

(iv) King and Queen 

King and Queen = wear the crowns of the Emperor and Empress respectively:

King = emperor= red tincture = sulphur.He has a gold crown representing the Sun. His crown has 5 points symbolising Geburah (fiery & destructive). He has snakes coiled round into the infinity sign (Lemniscate) on his robe indicating the cycle of birth death and rebirth. He holds the sacred lance = phallus

Queen = Empress = white tincture = salt. She has a silver crown representing the Moon. She has an orb and cross representing the fourth Sephiroth Chesed (stable, structuring). She has bees on her robe indicating fertility. She holds the Holy Grail = womb. The cup has the dove symbol on = Venus (LOVE) and 5 white rays emanate from it symbolising spirit.

Orange Robe = where the red and yellow colours of the King and Queen overlap. Contains the symbols of the serpent and the bee which is seen in Atu 14 (Art).

(v) Foreground

Lion and Eagle

Lion = Leo = Fire. Lion’s tail is somewhat different to expected, rises between his legs indicating the erect phallus. The tail has 5 kinks = Geburah

Eagle = Scorpio = Water. Eagles tail = 4 feathers = Chesed.

These two creatures reflect the Chesed – Geburah relationship which was first evident on crowns of the King and Queen illustrated above. These 2 sephiroth are emphasised due to them being opposites on the Tree of Life, which is the major theme of this card.


Twins = assist the King and Queen. They represent GEMINI which is the zodiac attribution of this trump and have evolved from the Infants in the Fool Card: 

Black child stands opposite white King, white child stands opposite white Queen, so we have the idea of opposites.

White Child = 4 white roses = Chesed. Roses = female, receptive

Black Child = club = Geburah. Club, phallic, male.

They stand on the wings of the Orphic Egg and have a white Halo around them which both suggest that they are intimately linked with it.

Further Symbolism

Orphic Egg =  It is grey speckled with white and black, representing the colours black and white of the supernal triangle (illustrated below) according to Crowley (p83 Book of Thoth) symbolising the high spiritual nature of its contents. It is the product of the union of the King and Queen:

 Winged Serpent = represents HADIT, the God of wisdom in Thelema which is like KETHER on the Tree of Life.

The egg opens and the potential of Kether is manifested as the Universe, thus sacrificing its unity for the diversity of the creation. Man’s journey back to God or Enlightenment or putting the ‘parts back together’ in alchemical terms and seeing the unity once again but the individual’s life is forever changed.

Concealed Bow at Bottom = the lance (held by the black twin) is also an arrow for this bow. The bow links the Lovers with the Art Card where the alchemical process is reintegration of the purified parts. The Art Card is ruled by Sagittarius.

(viii) The Hierophant to The Lovers Transition

The Hierophant was about learning traditions, dogmas and structures such as mystical or religious groups or institutions. With the Lovers the Fool has to make intelligent decisions or choices about the path ahead. The Lovers is all about duality and purification of parts which is the sacrifice that is made when the Fool embarks on his journey out of ignorance i.e. there will come a time when he has to take responsibility for the direction of his life with his new-found knowledge from the other cards thus far. As the Lovers card represents SOLVE or purification of the ‘parts’, this translates into the Fool having to look closely and see the relative merits in the paths ahead and decide intelligently on which one to take for the best. This may not always be the easiest option. Also representing the WILL to find unity, which is behind the purification process he undergoes through meditation and spiritual practise.


(ix) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings

This card has several layers of meaning:

  1. Between two people.
  2. Balance of opposites within the self (Inner Marriage of opposites).
  3.  Connection between the self and God (soul unification with the divine).The separation produced by the sword (mind) makes us have a greater understanding of the parts (our auric bodies) in order to recombine them in a way aligning to our spiritual purpose and its reflections. We also let go of that which does not serve our highest aspirations.
  4. Brotherhood or Sisterhood (uniting people under a common purpose).

We will now translate these into divinatory meanings with the Thoth Lovers Card.


Thoth Lovers Upright

The meanings of the card centre on the reconciliation of opposites.

The Lovers is essentially about choice. The choice about who you want to be in this lifetime, how you connect with others and on what level. To make good choices, you need to be clear about your personal beliefs and values – and stay true to them. Not all decisions will be easy either. The Lovers card is often a sign that you are facing a moral dilemma and must consider all consequences before acting. Your values system is being challenged, and you are being asked to take the higher path, even if it is more challenging.

The Lovers can signify a beautiful, soul connection relationship. You may believe you have found your soul mate or life partner.

Before embarking on a relationship make sure you are making the right choice and that it will be with someone who will improve your life.

You are attracted to someone but be advised that self-love (self-worth, self-respect) is a major key to a lasting relationship.

You may benefit from spending time with like-minded people who share your values and goals.

A longing for the union between your soul and its spiritual source (your spiritual aspirations).

A period of time in which you are alone. Use this time to work on yourself, be the best you can be, and you will be attract those people that reflect and support you.

Thoth Lovers Reversed

Depth of feelings shared in a relationship are not mutual. This does not imply that the relationship needs to end but only that the couple should concentrate on restoring balance to the situation if possible. Otherwise you may realise that you have simply grown apart and it’s time to move on.

A time when you’re out of sync with those around you, particularly your loved ones. You may find your relationships are strained and communication challenging.

Not having enough self-love and self-respect.

Feeling as if you don’t have people in your life with which to share common values.

Your feel imbalanced within yourself and have lost sight of who you are and how to be at your best.

The longing for a soulmate in your life and feeling lonely on your own.

Feeling cut off from your spiritual source due to internal conflicts perhaps.

(x) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card in the Celtic Cross Spread

princess of disks


1: Heart of the Situation = you have to make a decision about a relationship and you need direction on the best way to proceed.

2: Possible obstacle = you feel as if you have internal conflict over a situation and are stuck at a cross roads.

3: Unconscious Influences = a lack of self-love, self-worth can hold you back from attracting the right relationships in your life.

4: Recent Past = (reversed) = the breakup of a relationship with someone close to you.

5: Hopes and goals = to meet your soul mate, someone you can connect with spiritually as well as physically and emotionally.

6: Short Term Future = working on ourselves, self-analysis, self-love, discarding that which does not serve our long term happiness and balance.

7: Our Self Image = you like to have close family and loved ones around you.

8: Environment = being a part of a group of like-minded people that support your soul journey.

9: Guidance & Warning = to make good choices you need to be clear about your own values and beliefs. Make sure you have worked on any internal conflicts or imbalances before making major life decisions, such as committing to marriage or living with someone.

10: Overall Outcome = if you work on yourself, living life as virtuous and honest as you can, you will attract the Love of others and feel more connected to your spiritual source.

(xii) Thoth Lovers Tarot Card Links

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